Peasant food inspiration

On any week day between the hours of 7am and 3pm you can find me teaching French at a local high school to teenagers of varying degrees of hilarity. 90% of the time I really like my job.

After 3pm I’m home hanging out with my 3 adorable kids pets and cooking. I cook a lot and I cook too much food each time. My best friend recently came over and snarkily said, “Oh look! Too much food! What a surprise.”

My inspiration for cooking a lot comes from my obsession with France. I started going there when I was 13-years-old and I never stopped.

During my sophomore year of college I studied abroad and stayed with a woman named Christine. She deserves her own book as she was both very strange and a goddess in the kitchen. She made poached peaches with ice cream. She made fish loaf. She made rabbit stew. Salads galore. Gazpacho. Carrot salad. Fresh bread. Strawberry tarts. Roast chicken. Etc.

I came home from that trip and went through a brief period of cooking obsession but then went back to a normal college existence of binge drinking and boy chasing.

What I learned from that trip was that good food takes time, energy, planning, desire and delicious ingredients. Christine went to the bakery, fromagerie and market daily. She spent her evenings in the kitchen and we never wasted leftovers. We ate them the next day.

It has taken many years of practice and lots of trial and error to get where I am today in the kitchen. I still make plenty of mistakes. As I learned from Julia Child, “Never apologize for your cooking.”

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