Peasant food isn’t easy

Last night I made Plov.

PP husband began eating and said “You should open a peasant food restaurant.” I was delighted at the idea except that I still enjoy my day job and cooking is a hobby that I don’t want to make a job. (I made yoga a job and I was so burned out after teacher training that I didn’t touch my mat for a year. More on that later.)

After a short internet search I came across this article in the New York Times.

I suddenly realized that I really do cook like a peasant!

  • I cook almost everything from scratch. (brownies are the exception as easy box dessert is life)
  • I use farm-fresh ingredients
  • I use whatever is in my kitchen
  • I try really hard not to waste food
  • My dishes are often laborious
  • I spend a lot of time in the kitchen
  • I like to feed large groups


  • I don’t have to grow my own food
  • I don’t have to feed lots of mouths (it’s just me and PP husband)
  • I don’t have to kill my own food
  • I’m not a peasant

So here we are. I started a blog about peasant eating, peasant cooking, peasant money habits and trying to live more like a peasant.



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