Why go search for food? Get it on your doorstep.

The best financial advice I have been able to apply to my life is “avoid the store.” All stores. When followed, this rule can save you thousands of dollars over the course of the year. Imagine you visit a grocery store once per week. How much extra food and snacks are you putting in your cart? Probably a lot unless you have the will of the gods.

I try especially hard to avoid the grocery store in part because I live on an island and everything is astronomically expensive, and partly because I hate food shopping.

In order to avoid the dreaded market I have most things delivered by farmers! Look at me be a total slow foodie!

All of my produce comes from Klesick Family Farm and all of my meat comes from Skagit River Ranch. The quality of organic, local produce is beyond words and the grass fed local meat is out of this world! Getting this kind of food makes going out to eat a disappointment. It’s also can be pricey- but avoiding the extra grocery store purchases more than makes up for that. You can check for your own local produce delivery and farm share here. 

Dried beans, crackers, cereal, chips, cookies and other pantry staples come from good ol’ Amazon. 

I save tons of time by not shopping, gas by not driving to the store, and I save tons of money by not being tempted.

What do you do to easily get food and cut your grocery bill?

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