Why Slow Food?

This blog isn’t about fast food or quick recipes or shortcuts. This is about enjoying the process of cooking your own food in a way that is healthy, sustainable and supports your community.

Slow Food USA  is a movement that embodies everything I love about cooking in the Skagit Valley. It encourages people to do these things:

  • Buy local food
  • Cook local food
  • Support small farms
  • Buy grass-fed meat
  • Buy free range poultry
  • Support farmer’s markets
  • Cook with your family
  • Cook with friends
  • Cook
  • Avoid fast-food
  • Avoid junk food
  • Eat real food
  • Try new ways of cooking
  • Enjoy cooking
  • Enjoy eating
  • Make mistakes in the kitchen
  • Cook slowly and purposefully

Get in the kitchen so you can feed you and your family good, healthy food!

Tonight I’m slow roasting a leg of lamb from Skagit River Ranch and making delicious organic veggies from Klesick Family Farm for 4 of my favorite people.

What are you having? With whom are you eating?

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