The best thing I ever ate part 1

I am a classic superlative user. I learned this from my father who would make any type of food and then ask, “Is it the best you ever had?” “Yes dad. It’s the best egg I’ve ever had.”

This has carried over into all parts of my life and now it’s impossible to tell if it’s the best because everything is the BEST MOST AMAZING THING EVER OMG I LOVE IT and I totally believe it at the time.

So here we go with my first installment of “The best thing I ever ate- part 1.”

PP husband and I went to the south of France in summer of 2016. It was seriously without a doubt the best trip I have ever taken in my entire life. I realize, based on what I said above, you don’t know if I’m serious or not but it really was I swear. O-MAZING

We went to Rocamadour (visit if you get the chance!) and this is where it happened. I tried cassoulet and my mouth exploded. It’s a classic southern French dish which I managed to go 31 years without ever trying even though I’m a French teacher and have spent loads of time in the south of France. How does that sacrilege even happen?


Ya it just LOOKS like white beans and chicken and sausage but it’s really a dish full of fat and beans and duck confit and every type of delicious morsel you could ever imagine. Making it is a total pain in the ass (because it’s peasant food) so I don’t do it very often… But when I do I invite my favorite people over and we stuff our faces with this glorious food and then we part ways as soon after as possible because beans are a musical and smelly fruit.

My favorite Cassoulet recipe takes a long time to make and involves duck confit which I make a day in advance usually. It’s difficult to find gourmet French products in the Skagit Valley which means making your own will often save you time and money.

Lucky for me, the Skagit food co-op and their new 3rd street bistro addition has a ton of amazing gourmet products. Visit if you can!

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